SRO Outreach Program

In 1996, SRHAC received its first City grant from Chicago’s Department of Housing to provide an SRO Outreach Program and Initiatives. Today, the SRO Outreach Program is a collaboration between SRHAC and a significant number of SRO operators throughout the city.

SRHAC-owned and operated SRO facilities offer a dignified, respectful and “non-judgmental,” “resident-driven” affordable housing approach utilizing a mixture of “housing-first” and “harm-reduction” models.

A SRHAC social worker or outside case management may work with select SRO residents, working with compassion and basing their recommendations on an understanding of the individual’s current circumstances and special needs.

SRHAC’s SRO Outreach Program serves:

  • Homeless and/or disadvantaged individuals seeking SRO housing
  • SRO residents
  • SRO owners/operators, their management and staff
  • Community organizations, individuals, City offices and elected officials

Initiatives and Activities of the SRHAC SRO Outreach Program:

  • Help homeless and needy individuals secure permanent SRO affordable housing in Chicago.
  • Help preserve and protect existing SRO housing in Chicago.
  • Assist SROs maintain viability as a vital neighborhood housing resource.
  • Provide City-wide SRO referrals to homeless and impoverished individuals.
  • Help SRO residents to identify and secure social services.
  • Provide stability to SRO residents to help prevent a relapse into homelessness.
  • Expand community linkage with social services providers.
  • Advise and train SRO owners/operators, their management, and staff on a one-to-one basis.
  • Conduct workshops and trainings for SRO owners/operators regarding building code compliance, cost-cutting and higher efficiency management techniques, property tax reductions and other topics.
  • Identify and obtain technical and financial resources for SRO operators to perform building maintenance, repairs and renovation.
  • Encourage City officials and support staff, the news media, local organizations and businesses, elected officials, area residents and the general public to support single room occupancy as an essential housing option.
  • Work to increase the availability of SRO housing units City-wide.
  • Alert SRO operators and their staffs to funding opportunities; pending legislation; legal issues; cost-saving ideas; City, building and safety updates; and other pertinent news that likely will impact and improve their SRO operations.
  • Offer case management services to select SRO residents on a need-basis.
  • Assist aldermen and their staff when they refer single adults seeking affordable SRO housing in their wards and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Provide aldermen and their staff guidance and support when they assist SRO residents impacted by issues related to job loss, substance abuse, mental illness, hospitalizations, and other matters.
  • Guide aldermen and their staff to help resolve SRO building management issues.
  • Offer referrals for select services to SRO residents to help prevent a relapse into homelessness