SRHAC began in 1993 as a means of linking very low-income populations in need of permanent supportive housing and the operators of privately owned Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings throughout Chicago. During this time, SRHAC has successfully provided homelessness intervention assistance and supportive permanent housing to thousands of homeless men and women by:

  1. Coordinating the efforts of agency providers, government services and SRO operators

  2. Placing very low-income individuals into SRO housing

  3. Providing case management supportive services to help formerly homeless individuals remain permanently housed

In addition, SRHAC works with SRO tenants, staff and owners to offer appropriate services for residents with special needs residing in private-sector SRO housing. To ensure the success of this endeavor, SRHAC created a social service linkage network, made up of dozens of specialized supportive services agencies dedicated to homelessness prevention of SRO residents.

Through these initiatives, tenants with special needs in SRO housing have received life- changing services including job and housing counseling, self-sufficiency skills, assistance with housing placement and special rent-subsidy programs.