SRHAC Programs

Permanent Supportive Housing Program

SRHAC has offered permanent scattered-site U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-funded supportive housing to homeless single adults since 1998. SRHAC leases units in almost twenty (20) Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings throughout Chicago and strives to provide its clients a clean, private SRO unit that meets their individualized needs.

Each client’s private room typically includes a sink, bed, dresser, table, microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator with freezer and a closet. Rooms also contain either a private or shared bathroom, or clients may access a community bathroom on their floor. Supportive Services:

  • Case Management
  • Housing Placement
  • Education and Advocacy
  • Life Skills Assistance
  • Client Events
  • Referrals

How to Apply:

A copy of our application may be completed at our office at 501 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60644, from 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday, except on major holidays. Please call 312-212-1212 to make an appointment.


Interim Housing for Homeless Families

Through SRHAC’s City-funded Interim Housing Program for Families (IHP), SRHAC provides homeless single adults with children and families, temporary housing, three daily meals, consistent case management and community referrals. Each family is encouraged and supported in reaching their goals to obtain permanent housing, secure employment, gain financial stability and achieve additional goals specified by individual clients.

SRHAC’s Interim Housing Program (IHP) for Families is funded by Chicago’s Dept. of Family and Support Services (DFSS). Applicants are referred to and screened by the Salvation Army. They are then transported by a Catholic Charities van to SRHAC’s Plaza Arms residential facility for temporary housing, meals and access to needed services.

Program services offered through IHP include: Housing placement and advocacy; life-skills training; monthly financial planning/budgetary preparatory assistance; lectures; conflict resolution services; and in-house counseling with trained SRHAC Homelessness Intervention Case Managers.

Many additional resident services are provided through SRHAC linkages with specialized Service Provider agencies. These services include: medical services; access to entitlement benefits; vocational/employment and education assistance; job readiness training; children and child care services; hardship economic assistance services; access to community-based service providers; legal advocacy; in-house training in basic life and apartment maintenance skills and access to an in-house computer lab for clients.

How to Qualify:

Please call the City of Chicago at 312-744-5000 or 311 and ask for homeless services.


Market-Rate SRO Units

Above its headquarters at 501 N. Central Ave. in Chicago, SRHAC operates a 300-unit SRO. This SRO provides low-income affordable housing units for single adult men and woman by offering a clean private room with closet containing a bed, dresser, refrigerator with freezer and microwave.

Besides offering below-market monthly and weekly rents, SRHAC partners with Chicago’s Low Income Housing Trust Fund (LIHTF) by providing fifty-nine (59) SRO units with rental subsidies. The LIHTF units are reserved for the truly poor single adult who struggles to find rent monies on a daily basis.

These SRO residents may utilize a first floor computer room, play basketball in the indoor gymnasium, exercise in a fitness room and jog around the perimeter of the gym.

How to Apply:

A copy of SRHAC’s rental application may be completed at its office at 501 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60644, from 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday, except on major holidays. Please call (773) 378-8888 to make an appointment to view a room.


SRO Outreach Program

The SRO Outreach Program is a collaboration between SRHAC and the City’s Dept. of Planning and Development (DPD) to:

  1. Help homeless and needy individuals secure permanent SRO housing in Chicago.
  2. Provide stability to SRO residents to prevent a relapse into homelessness.
  3. Assist, preserve and protect existing SRO housing in Chicago.

The SRO Outreach Program serves:

  1. Homeless and/or disadvantaged individuals seeking SRO housing.
  2. SRO residents.
  3. SRO owners/operators, their management and staff.
  4. Organizations, individuals, City offices and elected officials.

Activities of the SRHAC SRO Outreach Program:

  1. Assisting and preserving existing SRO housing in Chicago.
  2. Providing City-wide referrals to homeless and impoverished individuals.
  3. Helping hundreds of SRO residents yearly to locate and secure social services.
  4. Community Linkage with social services providers.
  5. Training SRO owners/operators, their management and staff.
  6. Securing technical resources for SRO maintenance and renovation.
  7. Encouraging city officials, media, organizations, businesses and residents to support SRO’s.
  8. Working to increase availability of SRO housing units.
  9. Conducting workshops and offering additional trainings for SRO owners/operators.