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SRHAC serves as the leading City-wide agency in Chicago promoting the preservation of the Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) as a vitally needed low-income housing resource.

Working closely with City Departments and with the Single Room Operators Association, SRHAC operates supportive housing and housing referral programs that serve a dual purpose: These programs (1) secure housing for individuals threatened with homelessness, and (2) provide a stable resident population for SRO facilities in Chicago.

Many SRO buildings were originally residential hotels, or short-term housing facilities for travelers, railroad workers, construction crews, immigrants, and many other populations. During the decades of the 1960's and 1970's, many of these facilities were either razed for new construction, or were redeveloped for upscale condominiums and other uses.

By the early 1980's, many concerned parties realized that a very important low-income housing resource was being lost and that many residents were being displaced without available housing options for them.

SRHAC began its work in 1995, in partnership with Chicago's Department of Housing to develop an SRO Outreach program to help stem these losses, and to secure housing options for low-income residents who were displaced or otherwise threatened with homeless.

This SRO Outreach program, along with several other SRHAC intervention initiatives, has enjoyed a great measure of success, and has provided assistance to dozens of SRO facilities with resident placements, service provider linkages, special renovation programs and with other services. SRHAC provides a strong platform for SRO support through its work with City Departments, Chicago's Aldermen and City Council, and agencies throughout the City.

We applaud the City and all parties involved in the campaign to maintain and preserve the SRO, and encourage citizens, media outlets, and governmental leader to become "SRO Aware"!



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