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To SRHAC the concept of independent living includes an obligation to oneself to assume personal responsibilities and the opportunities to realize one's potential. SRHAC encourages program participants to assist program staff in the operation of its supportive housing program and other initiatives, and to provide peer assistance and a voice on behalf of themselves and others in SRHAC programs.

Council at Work
The Client Council was initially formed as an official SRHAC program advisory council as a way to obtain feedback and advice on program service effectiveness, housing problems, and other matters.

Because the Client Council has been so effective in actively promoting SRHAC programs and helping to shape new initiatives, all Council members are invited to be active participants -- by Board request -- at all SRHAC regular Board meetings.

Who are the Client Council?

Client Council members represent a cross-section of the SRHAC program participant population, which is very diverse: Many participants -- prior to experiencing episodes of homelessness -- had stable jobs and home lives, while other participants fell prey to drug and alcohol problems, or developed physical or mental health disabilities.

Council members have a unique understanding of the travails of homeless individuals, and bring that knowledge and insight to the assistance of the program staff, Board, and volunteers.

Special Presentation
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The Work of the Client Council

Council members (seated)
with Board members
The SRHAC Client Council enjoys its own dynamic: They have the capacity to develop their own initiatives and assist SRHAC in ways they feel they can best help. The Council brings problem areas to the attention of staff and Board, and helps staff develop effective ways of addressing needs.

Project initiatives of the Council have included professional-quality survey-and-research reports, planning and manpower assistance for special events, developing outreach support at SRO residences, and providing other assistance.

Making intervention and assistance programs work successfully requires the dedication and support of a great many persons: SRHAC staff, Board members, and volunteers cannot by themselves ensure a well-implemented program. SRHAC is very proud of the work and the commitment that our Client Council members -- and other program participants -- contribute to our program operations and well-being. Many, many thanks are in order, and we are very grateful!
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