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Homelessness intervention services for the needy

SRHAC has been assisting the City of Chicago and its residents with homelessness intervention services since 1995. SRHAC was the first -- and remains -- the leading City-wide Resource Center for individuals facing homelessness and for City Departments and not-for-profit agencies providing referrals. 

Working with Chicago City Departments

The SRHAC SRO Outreach:

SRHAC began working with Chicago's Department of Housing in 1996 to design and implement a set of initiatives and programs called the SRHAC SRO Outreach Program.

The objective of the SRO Outreach program was twofold: First, to promote the survival and preservation of Chicago's single-room occupancy buildings (SRO's) -- which are an historic and extremely vital low-income housing resource.

The second objective was to develop SRHAC as a City-wide Resource Center where Chicago residents from all areas of the city and of all backgrounds could find housing referral assistance, primarily in SRO residential facilities.

The SRO Outreach Program has been tremendously successful, allowing SRHAC to provide housing referral assistance to hundreds of Chicago residents yearly, and become a solid contributor to the City's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

In addition to its continuing work with the Department of Housing, SRHAC has assisted Chicago's Department of Human Services (CDHS) in it's homelessness intervention work, and has helped the Planning Department in emergency relocation services. SRHAC is proud of its commitment to the City and its work!

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SRHAC as a City-Wide Resource for Intervention Agencies

Intervention assistance from SRHAC is not limited to City Departments: SRHAC is considered a primary resource by agencies City-wide to help secure housing  for clients and to refer individuals who can benefit from SRHAC services.

SRHAC has formal and informal linkage arrangements with dozens of service providers City-wide, and believes that by sharing resources for the common good all agencies benefit, and that a great many more residents can receive needed services.

Agencies wishing to join with SRHAC in linkage arrangements are encouraged to call SRHAC at (312) 212-1212.

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