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In addition to assisting persons facing homelessness with housing services, SRHAC provides supportive services and training to ensure that individuals are able to achieve and maintain independent living.  SRHAC believes in the concept that "The best assistance you can offer is to help people help themselves!" This is accomplished by special training and classes that teach fundamental living skills, personal-improvement skills, and workplace skills.

"Maintaining Your
Space" program
The SRHAC Client Training Program has two primary areas: (1) Personal Improvement / Workforce Skills and (2)  Life Skills for Independent Living.

In the area of Life Skills for Independent Living, SRHAC surveys clients and assesses areas of special needs and sets up classes to fill those needs. Such training includes (1) Apartment upkeep and maintenance; (2) personal care and maintenance; (3) peer interaction and support; and other areas of personal interest or need.

Special Events

Maintaining Your Space:
Upkeep of Living Quarters and Personal Space

Maintaining an apartment unit requires a combination of learned skills, effort, and applied time. Many persons who have lived transient lives for years have never had opportunity to learn or practice these skills. SRHAC operates a training program involving one-on-one interaction to teach or review easy-to-apply basics in apartment and personal-space upkeep.

In addition to keeping living quarters habitable and decent, SRHAC believes that it is an important element in encouraging personal pride and self-respect.

Apartment upkeep

Peer Support:
Peer Interaction and Group Activities

Special event
Persons who live in the City are part of, and interact with, many communities of individuals. Learning how to live and work within the community of individuals where one lives -- whether it be in a multi-unit building or as part of a neighborhood -- are very important to one's long-term housing stability and well-being.

Besides helping and training individuals to function within shared-living facilities (such as single-room occupancy buildings), SRHAC organizes special events and gatherings to foster peer interaction and support. The SRHAC Client Council and other program participants help in planning and assisting these functions.

Personal Needs:
Addressing Personal Needs and Personal Care

The SRHAC Supportive Housing Program and other of its program operations assists participants with securing personal and material needs needed for independent living. 

Some of these needs are service-oriented, such as finding service providers for educational assistance (such as GED training), medical assistance, and other services involving personal care and other areas.

Other needs are of a direct material nature, such as securing food and transportation resources, clothing resources, and other tangible needs.

SRHAC assists individuals with locating and securing publicly-funded resources (such as food pantries, clothing distribution outlets, government-sponsored programs, etc.) and uses vouchers and donated resources for program participant needs and well-being.

Personal care

Client resources

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