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SRHAC believes that simply helping people to secure permanent housing is not a complete answer to eliminating homelessness. Individuals must also have sufficient knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to secure employment situations when available and/or to expand their personal resources for independent living. A variety of supportive services and training classes are provided by SRHAC to "help people help themselves". These training classes are specially designed to teach hands-on skills in targeted areas.

The SRHAC Client Training Program has two primary areas: (1) Personal Improvement / Workforce Skills and (2)  Life Skills for Independent Living.

SRHAC surveys clients on areas of interest or needs and sets up classes to fill those needs. SRHAC offers classroom sessions in Computer Fundamentals, Personal Finances & Budgeting, Office Skills, and training in additional areas of client interest or need. 

Office skills

Computer Fundamentals:
For personal, educational, and job-skills development

Learning Internet
and Email skills
Computer training is an ideal area for self-help, skills for the workplace, and learning how to extend one's resources. SRHAC holds computer classes either at its downtown office or reserves computer lab space from its technical assistance Partner OAI, Inc.

Topics and lesson plans are specially set-up to teach client-students computer skill while doing hands-on projects such as: Using the Internet to find local resources; setting up personal email accounts and using them; using search engines; use of printers; and other topics.

The concept is to train students to enjoy using computers, and to use their skills for personal improvement, access to resources and information, and for basic workforce preparedness.

Office Skills:
Fundamentals of word processing, Internet, and accessing resources

Theses classes focus on using computer-related skills to learn word processing (using Microsoft Word), letter composition, computer file storage and retrieval, and other tasks common to small offices or workplace situations. Students also advance their knowledge of Internet, search engines, email, and other areas.

As with Computer Fundamentals classes, courses are designed to encourage students to have fun learning useful tasks that can be used at both home and work situations.

Word processing
and keyboarding

Personal Finances:
Personal money management and budgeting skills

Personal finance
"how-to" exercises
A large part of the ability to maintain a permanent housing situation and meet personal needs is a person's ability to manage their money and to budget effectively.

SRHAC Personal Finance and Money Management classes are set up for the needs of SRHAC clients and individuals of very modest means. Budgeting means not just the use of personal funds, but also covers extending entitlement resources, public assistance resources, supportive housing program resources, and other resources to meet one's personal needs.

Topics covered in Personal Finances classes include: Constructing a personal budget worksheet; how to set up and manage a personal bank account; using calculators; and other areas of interest.

SRHAC relies on input from clients, housing provider staff, service providers, and others to target areas of need and of special interest. Future areas of expansion for the Client Training Program include classes in home repair and apartment maintenance, in custodial/caretaker skills, and other areas.

We encourage input from the business community and the private sector for donated expertise and services, and apply 100% of all contributions to the Client Program toward materials, supplies, and equipment needed by the program and its participants. To find out more about how to help this program, or for additional information please call (312) 212-1212

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