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Fighting Homelessness and Preserving the SRO
as a Vital Housing Resource

Since its inception in 1993, SRHAC has successfully provided homelessness intervention assistance and supportive permanent housing for thousands of homeless men and women.


The mission of SRHAC is to assist single Chicago residents threatened with homelessness and to promote the viability of single-room occupancy (SRO) buildings as a vital low-income housing resource.


We fulfill this mission by: (1) Coordinating the efforts of agency providers, government services, and SRO operators; (2) Placing needy individuals into SRO housing; and (3) Providing case management supportive services to help formerly homeless individuals stay permanently housed.

Through SRHAC initiatives, many special- needs tenants in private SRO housing have been provided life-changing services. These include job and housing counseling, self-sufficiency skills, assistance with housing placement, and special  rent-subsidy programs

Our website is for the purpose of making SRHAC more accessible for area residents, and for all the agencies and governmental offices that are involved with the SRO community. We welcome your to our site, and encourage individuals and agencies to call or E-mail us for more information.

Ongoing Programs:

Our programs, described in the Programs section of this site, encompass both SRO residents and SRO operators and staff. These include the following:

SRO Outreach
  • Housing Referrals

  • SRO Staff / Management Training Program

  • SRO Technical Support Services

  • SRO Housing Providers Network

  • Supportive Services Network

  • SRHAC Case Management SRO on-site assistance services

Supportive Housing Programs
  • HUD-funded programs involving rental subsidies and support services for chronically homeless and disabled individuals.

SRHAC Headquarters Office is located at 501 N. Central Avenue, Chicago, IL 60644.

To learn more about SRHAC and inquire about our programs, contact us at (312) 212-1212. We appreciate your interest and your support!

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Single Room Housing Assistance Corporation
501 N. Central Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60644
Phone: 312-212-1212 Fax: 773-626-4465
Web Site: www.srhac.org
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